BioMeridian Training

I offer phone consultations or I can come to your office to train you and or your staff in 1-2 business days (depending on your needs) on the BioMeridian. I offer Basic BioMeridian Training, Intermediate BioMeridian Training and Advanced BioMeridian Training using the Stimulus Library.

BioMeridian training for you and your staff!

I am a Holistic practitioner and have been using this equipment in my office with great success for many years. Because I am known as someone who typically “thinks outside the box,” I’ve also utilized my experience by providing BioMeridian training for many doctors and their staff not only in the proper use of this equipment, but also how to implement it in their office as a valuable and profitable tool. Additionally, I also offer my personal services in that I currently support many practitioners in their offices on a regular basis, in that I test their patients for them using this equipment. In this way, we  have all been extremely successful as it has become a win win for everyone. Call me today to discuss your BioMeridian training needs!

The BioMeridian is a BioElectrical Impedance Measurement tool, which is used in many cases as an alternative or even an adjunct to blood, saliva and or hair analysis testing. Because more people are beginning to understand the body’s energy systems and how they affect our over all health, it makes sense to them why this testing can be more affective in identifying their health issues.

Prevention – This is the very reason Dr. Reinhart Voll created this technology in the early 1950’s, so that one could see what system(s) in the body were beginning to lose energy. As we lose energy, eventually the body will begin to show symptoms of illness within that system(s); unless identified and addressed in advance. This is valuable information for your patients because it helps them identify more of the why’s and what’s of their current health concerns; especially as it relates to each system in the body beginning with the “immune system, lymphatic systems, urogenital systems, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, immune, liver, gallbladder, skin, nervous system, metabolism, pancreas, and locomotor.” With this testing, we can see every major system and how its functioning on an energy level and how to prevent the loss of the vital energy we all need in order to function at our healthiest level.

Additionally, we can also detect various pathogens that may not be found in a typical blood test, unless the practitioner already knows exactly what to look for. BioMeridian testing can also be used to detect food sensitives with incredible accuracy, along with various other pathogens, heavy metals, vitamin and mineral deficiencies along with essential fatty acids and even various enzyme deficiencies, supplement balancing, homeopathic remedies, and plate testing. In my experience many people have come to truly appreciate this type of testing because it can demystify their health issues in many ways, and in many cases instantly. Also provided with each test are reports that track the patient’s progress. This in itself encourages patients to stay on track and also help them to “see” their progress from visit to visit, which is especially vital for those that may not be in tune with their body yet.

BioMeridian Training for your specific needs:

  • Creating business with your BioMeridian
  • Building your practice using the BioMeridian
  • In office training for you and or your staff
  • Phone consultations (general use)

(Most offices can pay for training with only 1-2 patients!)

Give me a call today so we can discuss what your specific needs!

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FDA 510(K) number K993824 for Meridian Stress Assessment. The intended use of BioMeridian devices is for the measurement of Galvanic Skin Response. BioMeridian is a registered establishment of the Food and Drug Administration. Registration number 1723429.